Spam-proof your email marketing messages with a VPS

It is highly likely that your organisation uses email to communicate with customers. You are not alone, as a recent study indicated that email marketing is one of the cost-effective ways of engaging customers.


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Volume e-mails

High volume random emails.

If your organization sends large volumes of random mail, you will inevitably have to contend with blacklisting at some point. Most email service providers are quick to blacklist email addresses that send random mail. You will be shocked to find notifications sent to your loyal customers have been flagged as spam. If you are lucky enough to avoid being blacklisted by a major email provider, you may not be so lucky with websites that blacklist IP addresses. Each one of the websites has a unique criterion for flagging IPs that violate their policies. This makes it hard to develop an email policy that suits all of the recipients.

Choose the right strategie

Implement strategie

Your organization may implement strategies to evade spam traps. You may choose to limit the mailing list to customers who consented to your mail and remove unresponsive addresses from the mailing list. While such interventions are commendable, sometimes it is your domain rather than the IP address that gets flagged. If somebody within the network has sent spam in the past, then messages from the entire network may be flagged as spam. In such a situation, further interventions will be futile as your messages will continue being flagged as spam. Therefore, it is important to have a mailing platform that is shielded from external abuse.


VPS email

Unique and optimized tooling

The Virtual Private Server (VPS) helps you mitigate the risk of blacklisting by checking the sites that have blacklisted your IP and determining the reason for the blacklisting. The VPS host then creates a unique IP that helps your mail evade the blacklist. The VPS providers will also educate your marketers on the mistakes that make websites blacklist your mail. They will help you remove red flags in the content and reduce the risk of being flagged as spam.

How VPS helps

Malware and SPAM protection

Most sites blacklist messages that are laden with malware and spam. It may be that your server or email account has been compromised and sends malware and spam to the recipients of your mail. VPS hosts offer a secure server that is protected with the latest anti-virus and firewalls to prevent infiltration by spammers and malware.

Another reason why your mail may be blacklisted is sending too much mail at the same time. VPS hosts are programmed to moderate the amount of mail that can be sent at the same time. They send out mail in small batches at regular intervals to reduce the risk of being flagged as a potential threat to the recipient’s host server or third parties. Furthermore, most VPS hosts offer clients free email testing services to prevent legitimate mail from being flagged as spam.



Major medium for engaging customers

Email will continue being a major medium for engaging customers. Email marketing messages will always be susceptible to blacklisting due to the high volume of messages sent and the tendency to send random mail. VPS hosting is one of the most effective methods of mitigating the risk of being blacklisted. We strongly recommend that you subscribe to a VPS service that ensures that your mailing is professional and protected from blacklisting.


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